by Sara Hildebrand, Millennium Kids.

The long-anticipated Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2030) were adopted by the world at the United Nations September 25, 2015. These 17 Global Goals follow the Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015).

Now it’s time for CANADA to move into action! Millennium Kids are marking this historic commitment with a Millennium Kids LAWN SIGN that reads as an open letter to our 42nd federal parl


What YOU Can Do To Help

by Patrick Flanagan

Keep The Promise vowed to give voice to children and to invite their engagement in the movement to end child poverty in Canada. Seventy-five-plus schools are active across the country. Children are studying the issues, engaging dialogue with family, teachers and political leaders, and organizing actions in their local communities. They are counting on us to follow their example. “What can I do?” you may ask. Well, here are a few suggestions for consideration.

  • Write to or meet with your federal Member of Parliament, asking them to support concrete efforts to eliminate child poverty in Canada
  • Contact Campaign 2000 or one of the many national and local organizations working to address child poverty in your community, to see how you might get involved
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or a blog post for a site such as our Keep The Promise site, explaining why this issue is important to you and asking government to take action
  • If you are attending a public school, encourage your class to explore the Canadian Teachers’ Federation website where you can register to undertake a school project on child poverty and solutions
  • Start up a Me to We club at your school
  • Donate to Campaign 2000  or to some local organization working to eradicate child poverty
  • Speak to candidates before the October federal election to raise concerns about child poverty, and get out and vote if you are of age
  • See more action ideas at Campaign 2000’s website 

Even small


No Apathy on June Callwood Children’s Day

by Michael Cooke, Coordinator, Keep The Promise

June called children Canada’s “invisible citizens.” But the 75 children who participated in celebrating June’s birthday on June 2 in Toronto were very visible and very vocal. They came from Toronto, Ottawa and Cape Breton to share the work they have been doing to keep the promise of ending child poverty in Canada. They were joined by 75 adults who wanted to learn from their wisdom and example — Sally Armstrong, Mary Jo Leddy, Arthur Bi


You Are Invited to June Callwood Children’s Day


 A Celebration and A Call To Action

June 2, 2015

 The Waterfront School and June Callwood Park

You are invited to attend June Callwood Children’s Day – June 2, 2015  – to celebrate the Keep The Promise (KTP) campaign’s efforts to end child poverty in Canada.

Since its launch two years ago, the KTP campaign has engaged children from across Canada in this work — a national student summit in November 2014, children’s meetings with politicians, anti-poverty projects in their communities, developing ability in children to exercise their role as citizen


Toronto Faith Communities Want to Keep The Promise

by Michael Cooke

A coalition of Toronto faith communities is calling on all governments to commit to comprehensive, measurable poverty reduction goals. They know of which they speak. Many of them provide concrete services for those in need, filling gaps between poverty and service delivery, from food banks to arts programs, shelters and housing, to services for newcomers, children, youth and seniors, and more.

They recognize that a person with inadequate income, shelter and food also lacks dign